Building bridges between cultures and people through music: voice and rhythms as tools for communication and exploration.

The meeting of the croatian singer JASMINA PETROVIC with the multifaceted north african berber artist AMAR AMARNI made possible a creation of a unique musical and human encounter.

JASMINA has a VOICE that is pure and transparent, capable of creating sensations of overwhelming and guides to open a dialog with the essential being that we all have inside. She transmits depth and closeness and her voice touches the soul. She sings in numerous Mediterranean languages such as croatian, ladino, berber, turkish, french, portugues, spanish, etc.

AMAR’s art consists of EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC  that explores urban and natural sounds with unconventional instruments and his voice. He is able to produce sounds by touching and playing  any object so inert and voiceless as it is. The alchemy he creates between instruments and objects reflects a philosophy of openness that knows no boundaries and reaches our human depth and joy beyond borders.

The show of the artists JASMINA and AMAR , THE SPIRAL OF TIME, invites the public  to join a musical journey through their own compostions, transmiting a message of peace, love and union, fomenting intercultural communication and brotherhood between nations.
They’re eclectic repertoire is inspired by traditional themes and melodies drawn from the rich Mediterraneanculture established naturally between southern Europe and North Africa over centuries of history till the present time.

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