The VOICE is the reflection of the interior state on the disposition for the humans. The sound, the word, the music, all the vibration takes over the person who is listening to it.
Just like the mystics of place and time chant their sacret songs to harmonize the soul with the universe, there are musicians that have the ability to extract from the heart melodies that invite us to vibrate on the same frequency with the nature.
JASMINA has a VOICE that is pure and transparent, capable to create sensations of overwhelming and guides to open a dialog with the essential being that we all have inside.  The angelical voice of  JASMINA goes straight to the heart of the listener.

She creates bridges between people and nations.

Foto Iaia Cocoi


Croatian singer born in Stuttgart, Germany. Soprano of classical and modern vocal training. Lives in Palma de Mallorca/Spain.

During the years 1996-2006 she received classical vocal education in Stuttgart, Germany with Manuela Soto, Musikhochshule in Stuttgart,Germany, and in Madrid she studied with the Georgian soprano Lamara Chkonia  and Argentinian mezzosoprano Laura Bertolotti.

Versatile singer with a unique timbre, with the capacity of interpretation in multiple styles and languages: from ancient to traditional music, from modern repertoire to original songs. Some of her accompanists are Nestor Ballesteros, Eduardo Paniagua, Hames Bitar, Vic Guadiana, Ferderico Lechner, Nasco and Ivo Hristov, Amar Amarni, Wafir Gibril, J Chaleco, Juan Cuacci, Mariano Díaz, Ramiro Obedman, Miguel Angel Bestard.

She participated in diverse musical projects and recorded several CD’s:

‘Povratak/The returning’ is the new recording of Jasmina’s own compositions and songs for voice, piano and string quintet. Unique and personal. A spiritual and profound musical journey. Recorded in Madrid released in 2019. 

Collaboration and principal voice in the soundtrack of the theatre play ‘El Cartógrafo’ by Juan Mayorga for the National Theatre, Madrid in 2017.

‘Parez-Moi D’Amour’ with the Argentinian pianist Nestor Ballesteros and presented the CD at the Royal Opera House (Teatro Real) in Madrid in 2016.

Collaboration as a singer and actress at the theatre play  ‘Voces Andariegas’ about the Spanish mystics Juan de la Cruz and Santa Teresa with La Recua Company, performed at the cathedral of Toledo in 2015.

With Desvariétés Orquestina she performed the repertoire from the Belle Époque and the 20es and 30es and recorded ‘CosmopolitanCabaret’ in 2013.

With the group Lafra she recorded ‘Sephardic,Klezmer and Balkan song’ in 2009 and ‘Balcan Sefarad’ in 2012 and performed in the most prestigious theatres and festivals in Spain and Portugal.

Collaboration as a singer and actress in the theatre play ‘The Exception and the Rule’ by Bertolt Brecht at the RESAD Madrid in 2008.

Ideologist and promoter of ‘Music in Exile and Liberty’ a tribute concert to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht in 2007.

She participated at the recording of ‘KlezmerSefardi’ with Eduardo Paniagua and Jorge Rozemblum in 2006.

Cançons de la Mediterrania Festival, Palma de Mallorca
Xesc Forteza Theatre, Palma de Mallorca
El Cartógrafo by Juan Mayorga, National Theatre , Madrid
Teatro Real/Royal Opera, Madrid
El Greco Museum, Toledo
Museo Sefardí, Toledo
Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
Teatro Circo Price, Madrid
Museo Casa Lis, Salamanca
Fiesta de San Isidro, Madrid
Fundación Amantes de Teruel
Winner of the National Competition “Diversons” of Obra Social la Caixa
Festival Nuevos Segovianos, Segovia
Festival Mercat de Música Viva de Vic
VII Ciclo de Música Sacra de Málaga
Festival Interparla, Parla
Auditori Pau Casals, Vendrell
Festival Lunas de Aranjuez
Festival Internacional de Santander
Los Jueves Musicales de La Magdalena, Córdoba.
VIII Festival Internacional de Música Sefardí, Córdoba
VIII Festival Internacional de Música de las Tres Culturas, Toledo
Festival Caminos de Sefarad en el Auditorio Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo
Teatro Lara, Madrid
Murcia Tres Culturas, Murcia
Festival Tom de Festa in Acert, Tondela
Festival de Música,  Caldas da Rainha
Festival Sons do Mundo, Portalegre
10.º Festival de Música Al-Mutamid, Albufeira, Lagos, Vila Real de Santo Antonio
III Ciclo 3 Culturas de Almada
Palacio de la Diputación, Málaga
Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo, Sevilla
MAN, Madrid
Embassy of a the United States of America and France, Madrid
Festival Internacional de Teatro, Tánger, Marruecos
Voces Andariegas con La Recua Teatro, Catedral of Toledo
Festival La Celestina, Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo
Casa del Mediterráneo, Alicante
Casa Argentina, Paris
HNK/Croatian National Theatre, Varazdin/ Croatia
Guvernerova Palaca Museum in Rijeka/Croatia
Batthyany Dvorac, Ludbreg, Croatia
Croatian National Institute, Zagreb/Croatia

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  1. Chère Jasmina,

    Ce soir à Chartres vous avez interprété avec beaucoup de générosité vos chansons et plus encore vous avez laissé entrer chacun d'entre nous dans votre cœur.C'est rare , merci... Michel